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  • Premiéra: 14.11.2001 na PS2
  • Výrobce: KCEJ
  • Vydavatel: Konami
  • Typ hry: Stealth Action
  • Technologie: 3D grafika
  • Jazykové mutace: JP, EN
  • Oficiální web: klikni zde

Metal Gear Solid 2

Data vydání "Sons of Liberty"

  • USA(PS2) - 14.11.2001
  • Japonsko(PS2) - 29.11.2001
  • Evropa(PS2) - 8.3.2002
  • Korea(PS2) - 30.5.2002

Data vydání "Substance"

  • USA(XBOX) - 5.11.2002


  • Solid Snake: Most people do not believe in anything except for what society has taught them to believe in. If any of us would have been born in a fundamentalist society, we would have grown up as extremists, possibly even terrorists. What you believe, and how devoutly you believe it, defines your character. It defines who you are and what you live or die for. It is one of the single most important things in life to believe in something, least of all in yourself, and to have something to live for.

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MGS2: Sons of Liberty | Zahraniční servery - PS2 verze | 9.6 / 10.0

MGS2: Substance | Zahraniční servery - PC verze | 7.8 / 10.0


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